Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2021

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Celebrate World Wetlands Day with us by learning about the largest wetland restoration project on the West Coast!

Interested in learning about the wetland restoration project happening here in the South Bay? Join San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society for this engaging and educational program featuring the Executive Project Manager, Dave Halsing. As the project manager for the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, Dave oversees the largest wetland restoration project on the West Coast.

Upon completion, this project will restore thousands of acres of lost tidal marsh as well as enhanced managed pond habitat. The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge manages many of these acres! Tidal marsh habitat that is not only critical for local and migratory wildlife, but for our communities as well. Historical implications and the impacts of climate change pose various threats to our South Bay communities and restoring tidal marsh habitats will help us move towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

Questions?: Email watershedwatchers@sfbayws.org

This free program is offered by the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society, the 503(c) nonprofit Friends Group to the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex, through the Watershed Watchers Program. This program is a partnership of the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program (SCVURPPP), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society. The purpose of this program is to prevent urban runoff pollution and increase the surrounding communities’ knowledge of such pollution, and how to reduce its harmful effects through personal behavior.

For more information, and to become a member, please visit www.sfbayws.org or call (510) 792-0222 ext. 364.

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