Celebrate Global Recycling Day: Get started with spring cleaning at-home!

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day is Thursday, March 18, 2021. Get ready for it by doing some Spring Cleaning! Check out our conscious and environmentally-friendly guide!

As springtime approaches, many of us get that inherent itch to purge, dust, de-clutter, and all-around spruce up our homes after the cold and cloudy winter season. This year, it's a great time to refocus and complete those chores in a conscious and eco-friendly way that will help to not only divert usable and recyclable items from landfills but protect our watersheds from harmful chemicals and pollutants.

⮇ Click here to download our conscious spring cleaning how-to guide! (PDF 3 MB) ⮇

Each topic is on it's own page, and is a convenient size for printing and storing in a drawer or in your cleaning supplies cabinet. You could also hole-punch the top left corner and use an index card ring to secure the cards together.

Have any questions, tips of your own to share, or want to let us know which tip or trick you appreciated most?! Email us at watershedwatchers@sfbayws.org.

Click here to download our how-to guide! (PDF 3 MB)

The San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society in partnership with the Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge thank you for participating in this program in the comfort of your home. During these times it is important that we have fun and creative quality time with our family and loved ones, and we hope this at-home activity provides you with such an opportunity.

These educational activities are brought to you by the Watershed Watchers program under Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program. In order to keep the habitats and wildlife healthy, we must also keep our watersheds healthy. For more ideas on how to keep your local watersheds and habitats healthy for all of us, visit www.mywatershedwatch.org.