Living on the Edge: A Tour of Bay Habitats

Bike tour on the refuge.As you ride your bike or take a hike around the habitats at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, stop along the way to learn more about the history of the site, the plants and wildlife that live here, and the restoration work being done to ensure a resilient future for our community.

At each stop location (see map below), you will find a sign with a QR code. Scan the code with your mobile device’s camera or app. This will open a web page with information, photos, and additional links about four different topics relevant to each stop.

If you are unable to visit the Refuge in-person, please click the links below to visit each stop virtually!

Location stops on the refuge tour

Location stops on the refuge tour.

We hope you enjoy this self-guided tour at the Refuge. Come back and visit, as topics may change throughout the year! Also be on the lookout for more tour locations coming soon!

This program is brought to you by a grant through California Coastal Commission’s Whale Tail License Plate program through a partnership of many local organizations: Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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